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Welcome to the Jim Church School of Digital Underwater Photography Podcast pages. What we hope to accomplish here is to create a place where ideas related to digital underwater photograph can be shared. We have many thoughts on the subject related to technique, equipment, post processing, and locations, to name a few. We spend a great deal of our time traveling the world instructing folks in the ways of the digital world and we think that these Podcasts are a perfect way for us to reach a great many more photographers.

As with many things in life, we learn as much as we share, every time we chat with people about this wonderful pastime. We encourage you to participate. Please download these Podcasts from the following pages. After you’ve had a chance to listen to them, send us your input. If there are any digital UW photography questions that you've been looking for answers for, toss them our way and let's see if we can get a nice conversation going.

We hope you enjoy the show...
Mike Haber and Mike Mesgleski

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email us at: podcast@jimchurchphoto.com