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Mac & Kathleen Cauley
Photo by student Stewart Bakst

Beginning Underwater Photographer

Looking for instructors that can help you get started quick and easy? Mike & Mike are the most patient and understanding instructors you'll ever meet. They’ll start you with their "this is the front of the camera" talk. They will simplify all the numbers and terms with easy to understand examples. This course is for you!

Experienced Underwater Photographer

Master a new piece of equipment or develop a new technique with the 2 Mikes guiding you along the way. You’ll be with other experienced photographers, sharing information, shooting tips and ideas. It doesn't get any better than this!
Photo by student Ilan Epstein

Digital Underwater Photographer

Digital underwater photography introduces some new concepts to contend with. And, many principals of film based underwater photography also apply in the digital realm. Mike & Mike successfully merge these digital concepts with the traditional elements of underwater photography giving you all the information you need to develop your skills and shoot beautiful underwater photos.

Post Production Principals

Archiving, Editing, Histograms, Color Space, White Balance... all new terms introduced to Underwater Photography via the digital age. And, we now have a new camera accessory to incorporate, a computer. Mike & Mike bring it all together in full presentations and in small groups. They'll show you how to edit, archive & present your work.

Advanced Course

In the Advanced Course, we focus more on in-depth workflow and image editing. These sessions are conducted in the evenings just after dinner. We go through a variety of workflow & software options as well as focusing in on working with and editing your images. We encourage you to bring a few images to these sessions for us to work with in class. We will also include lessons from our regular course for those people who want them.

Photo Expeditions

Onboard the Aggressor, a Photo Expedition is the same as a Photo Class. We still present our lessons, help you individually and critique your images. But because of the type of diving at the locations designated as Expeditions, we are limited as to how much in-water help we can offer. Many of our repeat students find these trips the perfect combination of Mike & Mike help and diving adventure!
Photo by student Ruth Velte

Join The Fun!

It’s more fun than you can imagine! Great diving, a relaxed atmosphere and lots of fun, all combined with a comprehensive course in U/W photography. This is an enjoyable, learning vacation you can’t miss, and one you won't forget for many years.
Photo by student Jean Hayes   Photo by student Don Foss   Photo by student Gil Epstein

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